Truth Seeker.

Integral Facilitator.

Transformation Artist.

I am not changing somebody or something. What I’m making is a more visible version of an intention or the word. And this should be powerful, visible and very clear. So the job is to traverse these different roles and try to get either an individual, a group of people or a whole organization to be able to see and feel or sense.

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Revealing the Invisible Obvious.

Mathias Weitbrecht is a European pioneer in the field of visual facilitation. Since 2005 he has developed products, business models and teams – always aligned with a strong purpose-driven approach. Founder and CEO of Visual Facilitators GmbH with a team of 35 visual strategists, graphic recorders and facilitators. Mathias is especially skilled in also visualizing the intangible, more subtle or energetic realities as they appear throughout our week together.

As a lover of aesthetics and visual inspiration, his creativity is nourished by an awareness onto and connectedness with the inner and outer worlds. While being a skilled and experienced visual facilitator in large scale and SME businesses his full creative power flows when including all of the interiors, energies and transformative powers that life offers. Here his ability to oversee massive amounts of information as well as small details and inherent patterns is a gift to the world.

What I move. And what moves me.

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